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Chris's Show Notes

Donna and Carlos were pretty hazy on the details of this one, but Chris remembered most of the plot and the one major problem he had with it as a kid. It's still a sticking point for him now, but quibbles aside - there is so much to love about this movie.

Topics include: Disney's plan to reinvent the modern blockbuster and how it sort of blew up in their face, the differences between this and Dave Stevens' original graphic novel, James Horner's amazing score, some pretty significant problems with Cliff's character and his journey over the course of the story, Carlos' disappointment that Peevey isn't Albert Einstein, what exactly those Nazis were doing in that forest, who put a flare gun on that zeppelin, and much much more!

Our discussion will spoil the film!

The Rocketeer- 1991 - Joe Johnston
A young pilot stumbles onto a prototype jetpack that allows him to become a high flying masked hero.

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